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Pay once. Get protected forever!

Get all the copyright protection will ever need as a creator for life. This is a Lifetime Deal single payment of $149 (normal price $297) and it’s available only for a limited time.

Note: This is a myUploads Life Time Deal. Monitoring, myBlogs or mySocials are NOT included in this deal.

Image by Tamanna Rumee

Forever Protected!

"Mind blowing service!"

Listen to our users

"My mind is blown right now! 

You guys are incredible and also have solved half of my career problems, literally!
Very recently my brand name got infringed and I could not take any legal actions as i didn’t have proof of ownership for any of my artistic work. The case was closed but i understood the importance of copyright ownership.
Toroblocks platform is so friendly and easy and it took me only a few minutes to solve a problem i was facing for months! "



Sketch Arrow

"Safety and protection!"

"Photography is not only my source of income, it is also my safe space, My identity; so having my work uploaded in different social media platforms is more risky for one can easily shift the ownership or use it somewhere else without my consent.


Using Toroblocks helped me feel more safe and free as far as uploading my content is concerned. The most pleasant surprise from using this platform is the presentation of the certificate of ownership that comes along with protection benefits. 

So, don’t wait so long, just keep going for safety and protection. My experience was great and I had no issues in feeding in my assets. "



"Prevent other businesses from profiting from my content! "

"Product manufacturers and fellow retailers were using social content I created for my business to advertise their business. Having proof of copyright ownership on my originally created content allowed me to send take down notices and prevent other businesses from profiting from my content, allowing me to keep the competitive advantage of my business.

I was surprised from how easy it was to upload my assets and i was fascinated by the ability to organise my content in folders and subfolders based on product or project !!! "



Online business owner

Sketch Arrow

"An amazing service!!"

"I started using Toroblocks because the production of my work was so time consuming and i wanted to protect it.

Now I can do so just by using #cwprotect .. Amazing!! "


Philipp Mettler

Painter / Artist


"Really awesome. I was about to close Facebook then I saw the ad and decided to pay a visit because I was so scared that someone might copy my work. I really have to tell you I am seriously impressed with the service. First of all the website interface looks amazing & live chat in this coronavirus pandemic is so impressive, most major websites have shut down live chat. "


Ayaz Ayekub

Music producer

Sketch Arrow

"My books are now protected!"

"What I wanted was to feel confident that my book would be protected, so I decided to try Toroblocks. I was impressed by how easy, fast and inexpensive it was to protect my creation."


Mike Hill

Managing Director at TrentonConsulting

Protect everything you will ever create!

Powerful blockchain protection for all your files!

Protect any type of digital file!
Photos, videos, music, docs, pdfs, blogs, sketches, poetry, books.. anything! 

With a single drag n' drop!

Pay once, get protected forever!

Image by Brooke Cagle


Protect 20.000 digital creations per year, FOREVER!

One time payment of $149 (normal price $297)!

Note: This is a myUploads Life Time Deal. Monitoring, myBlogs or mySocials are NOT included in this deal.

Wait, what?

Wait, what is this?

It’s a super limited lifetime deal. You get copyright registration for your content for life! You pay once and you are can protect everything you will ever create.

How many creations can I protect?

You can protect up to 20.000 creations per year. Every year. You can even stack codes to x2 or x3 etc.

What can I protect?

Any digital file. Docs, photos, music, art, blogs, images, visuals, sketches, diagrams, flyers, podcasts ,videos... anything!

Ok, I bought the deal, what's next?

Firstly, we want to thank you. Then we will contact you to activate this LTD to your Toroblocks account. Old or new.

Why are you doing this?

We believe that everyone should have the right to protect himself and his creativity online. We are creators first. Always. That's the only way to help creators reach their full potential.

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