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an event by MIT Sloan and Toroblocks

3-4 November, 2022

A unique online-only event for creators by creators.

Web 3.0, creators economy, the Metaverse

..and anything in between.


Meet our Speakers

Allie Macpherson "Alliestranza"

Allie is a content creator, gamer, and crypto enthusiast. Her career took off in 2016 when she started streaming strategy games on Twitch. In the 5 years of live streaming, she's amassed hundreds of thousands of followers and worked with Fortune 500 companies and AAA game developers. 

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Rolando Zubiran

Thinker, Dreamer, Economist, WEB 3 Business Development & Economic Policy Specialist. Metaverse, Blockchain, NFT & DeFi Consultant

Global Head WEB 3 & Metaverse Services

RRD GO Creative

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Jeff Goins

Jeff Goins helps creative people succeed. Through his bestselling books, courses, coaching, and speeches, he shares his ongoing journey of transformation, inspiring creators like you to discover your voice and share it with the world.

He is also the founder of Fresh Complaint, a bespoke creative agency that helps thought leaders turn good ideas into big ideas. Jeff and his team do this through the powerful medium of books: from proposals to editing to full-on ghostwriting, Fresh Complaint can help you make your book great.

Just outside of Nashville, Jeff can be found making a midday omelette for a friend, hiking with his kids, or editing his latest poem.

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Jon Vlachogiannis

Jon V built the first teleportation device in 4300 and is frequently traveling back in time to talk about things that will change the future. Or the past.


During his travels, he builds epic companies, invests in awesome ones and helps people build cool stuff.


You can find him giving presentations at Stanford, United Nations, USC, Google, Netflix and various tech and startup events.


He documents his adventures at Jon.IO

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Lakshmi Moorthy

Lakshmi is Cofounder and CEO of nicheBrains, Transformation consulting platform for SMEs. An INSEAD and Singularity alumni with more than 20+ years of experience in Consulting in  Digital Transformation across ASEAN, EUROPE and INDIA. INSEAD lecturer on Growth & Transformation and  Global Strategy tools coach ,worked closely with 300+ global executives on their digital transformation strategy.
Speaking Experience:
Various Industry Forums on the topic of digital transformation, Phoenix Encounter Method and Blue Ocean Strategy for Business

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Georgios Efstratiadis

At age 21, Georgios founded his first company. He is a tech expert and a successful entrepreneur. He is an avid blogger, Singularity University Alumni , and a strong public speaker (MIT, Executive University, Wordpress world etc.).
Holding a Computer Science degree (Hons), Georgios is passionate about working with cutting edge technology, and passionate individuals. He loves building stuff.

He currently serves as CEO and co-founder of Toroblocks.

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Sunita Biddu

I am a digital business coach for small businesses and coaches, and I help people create profitable digital assets and presence online while working less.


I entered the digital industry in 2004 and have seen it evolve from an option to an essential today. I believe in working smart, working less, making fortune, living more and being in the present.

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George Stampolis

George’s dynamic management career reflects pioneering experience and exceptional performance in the many facets of music & digital content industry. 

George is a Co-Founder and Director of Digital Music Publishing Greece Ltd. (DMPG), an innovative Publishing Company with unique and diversified ways of embracing the different areas of music business.

He is also the Managing Director of The Spicy Effect S.A/

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Amazing speakers

Speakers from all around the world, from MIT and other legitimate backgrounds, will share their wisdom and practical tips.


Network in real time with creators, influencers, business owners and futurist via our awesome live event app.

2k+ live audience

More that 2k live audience and a potential reach of 50k in this 2 days info-packed online event.

VR Goggles

Daily agenda

Day 1 - Creator day (Nov, 3rd)

Starting time 6pm (GMT+2)

  • Toroblocks CEO - "Torocon Kick-off" (Keynote)
  • Jeff Goins - "From writing books to web 3 and Metaverse" (interview)
  • Sunita Biddu - "Building a powerful online presence spending just 15 minutes a day" (masterclass)
  • Allie Macpherson - "The Problem With the Creator Economy (and its Hopeful Web3 Future)"
  • End of day 1

Day 2 - Web 3 and Metaverse day (Nov 4th)

Starting time 6pm (GMT+2)

  • Toroblocks CEO - "Torocon Day 2 Kick-off"
  • George Stampolis - "Back to the future" (Talk)
  • Lakshmi Moorthy - "Manufacturing in the Metaverse" (Talk)
  • Georgios Efstratiadis - "Creator 3.0 and the future of digital ownership" (Masterclass)
  • Jon Vlachogiannis - "Quick Metaverse insignts" (Short)
  • Rolando Zubiran - "Marketing at the age of the Metaverse" (Talk)
  • End of Day 2

What's Torocon.

Torocon is a new fantastic online event by MIT and Toroblocks, focused on the future of creativity and ownership!

On November 3 & 4, for two days only, through a number of speeches, fireside chats, panels, live Q&A sessions and masterclasses held by MIT specialists and influencers from all over the world, we will cover the most burning topics about the future of the creator economy, the web 3, the Metaverse, and everything in between!

How is digital ownership being transformed in this new reality and which are the new business opportunities for creators around the world?

Everything mentioned above and much more will be in the centre of the discussion at Torocon.


Toroblocks at Torocon

Toroblocks' CEO, Georgios Efstratiadis, will be on hand to guide you through Toroblocks' latest updates on website and services, outline all the changes we've done, and describe how each new feature operates. Additionally, he will showcase our incredible, brand-new monitoring services for bloggers, content producers, photographers, and designers!

Discover how copyright monitoring and protection of your works has never been simpler than ever!


Are you ready?


Who is it for?

If you are a creator, an artist, a web 3 enthusiast, a crypto lover, a web service of any type, anyone who wants to know what's next on the creative and digital world, Torocon is the place to be.

Speak at Torocon.

Do you have something to share with the community? Are you a creator, an influencer, a service provider? Are you part of the creator community and you want to share your expertise, your experience, your wisdom ?

Please apply to be part of the Speakers team and present a keynote, a workshop or be part of a discussion panel.

2 days / 3 themes

Check our Torocon.'s main themes.

This is under development.

The future of the Creator economy & Digital ownership

Web 3.0: Creators ready for the new reality!

Metaverse: The world is changing forever!


Wait, what is this?

This is one of the greatest events the Creator community will experience. MIT and Toroblocks join forces, and the results will be mind blowing!

Will this be online?

100%. With our cutting-edge Torocon. platform you will get advantage of everything we got to offer. Keynotes, workshops, fireside chats, interviews, how-tos, networks and much more.

Is this for me?

If you are a creator, an artist, a web 3 enthusiast, a crypto lover, a web service of any type, anyone who wants to know what's next on the creative and digital world, Torocon is the place to be.

If this really free?

100% free for all.

What do i need to attend?

First of all you will need to book your seat before we run out. Then, you will need just a computer or a mobile phone connected to the internet.

Can I be a speaker?

We thought you would never ask. If you have something to share with the rest of the community, please apply to be a speaker here by Oct 15th..

We love creators and they        us back!

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