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Registering your Copyright is even more important at the age of AI

The development of creative AI has made it simpler than ever to produce digital works of art, music, and even writing.

The ownership and security of copyrights have come under scrutiny as a result of this technology, though. Therefore, in the age of generative AI, copyright filing is even more crucial. Because generative AI can produce works that remarkably resemble those produced by humans, it can be challenging to identify the owner of the copyright.

It can be difficult for artists to demonstrate ownership of their original works without the appropriate registration and documentation. Additionally, there is a chance that generative AI will be applied to produce material that violates already-existing copyrights. A generative AI tool might, for instance, produce music that sounds strikingly identical to an already-existing song, giving rise to a copyright infringement claim.

It can be challenging to identify who is in possession of the copyright and who is accountable for any infringements without the appropriate registration and documentation. Therefore, in order to safeguard their rights and avoid any possible infringement claims, creators must register their works. And using blockchain technology is one of the strongest ways to do so.

By registering their writings, authors can prove ownership, which will be useful if their copyrights are ever contested in court. It's also crucial to remember that copyright registration is not just available for traditional arts like music and writing. It covers all types of artistic expression, including computer programs, websites, and even messages on social media.

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