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Choose your blocks

As a creator your have very specific needs. Toroblocks lets you build just the service your want by combining the blocks you need. Just like legos.

Nothing more, nothing less.


Register your copyright on blockchain with a single upload. Just drag n drop your file and get your Certificates at your email the same day.

*30-days free trial, then only €2,99


Monitor any image or text you want, and get notified the moment anyone is using your content in any way. Take it down with a single click.

*30-days free trial, then only €7,99


Image protection & monitoring with a single #hashtag. Connect your social media accounts and protect and monitor every post you make.

*5 minutes setup time, from €4.99


Copyright protect all your blogs and posts. Monitor the web for copycats stealing your content and take it down with a single click.

*5 minutes setup time, from €4.99

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