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Copyright Registration for the new era!

Toroblocks, powered by CopyrightsWorld, provides services essential to the safekeeping of copyrights against potential infringement.

All you need as a creator to set yourself free!

Step 1: Create your FREE account.

Sign up for a free Toroblocks account in just 2 minutes – guaranteed! Once logged in, you will automatically be subscribed to our Intro Plan, which introduces you to all the features you need to begin monitoring your files for theft right away.

You can upgrade your plan at any point, even immediately! Our other plans include storage upgrades, more extensive monitoring coverage and other useful features!

Step 2: Upload your files with a drag & drop.

Begin uploading your files to your personal Vault, the secure storage home for your copyrights, immediately! The sooner your files are in the system, the sooner our systems can begin monitoring the web for infringement.

Step 3: Copyright Registration gets started automatically.

As soon as your files are uploaded to the Vault, they are immediately registered globally as your intellectual property beyond a reasonable doubt.

The primary mode of evidence of this is a Certificate of Ownership, which we will email almost immediately.


Step 4: Leave the infringement monitoring to us!

Make sure you don’t miss out on profits because of intellectual property theft: let us handle infringement monitoring so you don’t have to.

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