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Together we can will change the world or 'Kind of a Toroblocks manifest'

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

We originated as a corporation that excels at two things. Protecting, spotting copycats and defending your creations. And we are determined to preserve those two components since we feel they'll become even more important in the near future. The importance of proven ownership will be crucial.

However, we aim to go above and beyond that. We have much grander ambitions for where we want to go and how we will contribute to the new digital era.

Web 2.0

Everything is currently undergoing major changes. Decentralization, tokenization, smart contracts, VR, AR, ML, AI, cryptos, NFTs, DAOs and everything in between will change everything we know today.

But right now, Web 3.0 being at its infancy, is developing its basic rules and protocols that will run on.

We all need to be participating during that process. It's time for the creators to lead.

Currently, web 2.0 is managed, formed and controlled by three firms. Google, Meta, and Amazon. That's not healthy in so many ways.

Let's change that

If we want to change that, we must act quickly and take the lead. We need to take control of the situation and support the smaller projects that emerge from every corner of the planet.

Changes in the next 2-5 years will be dramatical and incredibly important for everyone, especially those involved in the creator economy, and will determine how the new reality emerges.

Allow me to explain.

You've seen a glimpse of the future if you've seen The Matrix or Ready Player One. The foreseeable future, or at least a bad version of it.

Meta is attempting to take the

lead in the Metaverse space by losing money on every Oculus Quest sold and focusing all of the company's efforts on the next day. It's clear that they've foreseen what's coming and are attempting to establish themselves as the epicenter of Web 3.0.

Google and Amazon are building huge teams dedicated to Web 3.0 technologies. They want to own the infrastructure the way they do today.

Web 3.0, on the other hand, is all about the polar opposite. There is no center. No single point of failure.

People owning their data is at the heart of Web 3. It's about people profiting from their own creations without the use of middlemen or channel managers. It's all about owning their own audiences.


That's where Toroblocks comes into play. We foresee a future in which every creator has access to the tools he or she requires to freely express, monetize, and live off of their creations.

This is currently happening to a few fortunate individuals, but it is still taking place on borrowed land.

Toroblocks is about giving every creator the ability to unleash their own internal "toro". His own creative power. The one which really makes the world a better and safer place.

Our duty is to develop and build the framework consisting of the appropriate "blocks". The creator will select and activate any blocks he needs in order to create the ideal service tailored to his own wants.

Our goal is to take all those complex technologies and buzzwords, humanise them, and transform them to affordable and easy to use services.

That is why we are undergoing this transformation. We want to be with the ones who shape the future. Those who truly contribute into making the world a better place.

And, because time is ticking away, dear friends, we need all of you by our side. This isn't a one-man show, nor is it a one-company show. It shouldn't be that way. It is a new-reality building process, that must begin from us. The community of creators. The builders. The forerunners. The doers.

Toroblocks vision is to empower all of this change.

Join us, and let's make the next version of the web, the next version of our lives, better for everyone, everywhere.

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