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White-paper update: Solana and IPFS makes our protection even stronger.

Our new updated white-paper (v3.0) on the technology underlying our copyright formula is now available.

Basic points

The whitepaper describes a copyright registration formula that can immediately provide strong, multiple, and undeniable proof of ownership to anyone who applies it to their own creations. The formula connects the creator's digital identity with their creation and the exact date and time the creator applied the formula to it, creating a Certificate of Ownership (CoO) as proof of their ownership.

This information is immutably recorded to a transparent, append-only ledger based on blockchain technology. The platform is called Copyrightsworld and it provides the technology and the platform needed to accommodate this functionality. The whitepaper explains the benefits of this system, how the certificate of ownership is generated and how the data is stored and managed in a secure and private way.

The whitepaper describes that the blockchain ledger, called "cw-chain" is distributed to the IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) network and Solana L1 blockchain. The IPFS is a peer-to-peer protocol for storing and sharing files and data across the network. It allows for distributed storage and retrieval of data, making it a more resilient and efficient way to store data compared to traditional centralized servers. By distributing the cw-chain to IPFS, it becomes more accessible and easily verifiable by anyone on the network.

Solana is a fast and secure blockchain platform that enables decentralized applications to be built and run on its network. By distributing the cw-chain to Solana L1 blockchain, it enables the platform to be more secure and fast, allowing for high-performance and low-latency transactions. Additionally, Solana provides a scalability solution which is a key feature for this kind of application.

In summary, using IPFS and Solana allows for the cw-chain to be more accessible, verifiable and secure, and enables the platform to handle a large number of transactions with low latency, making it more efficient and scalable.

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