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“Blockchain time stamping is critical to increase trust and transparency with your audience"

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Want to meet one of the pre-eminent social media experts in America?

Then don’t miss our conversation with the fabulous Kris Ruby (@krisruby)!

Kris is the CEO of Ruby Media Group, a full service Public Relations and Social Media Agency located in Manhattan, which offers public relations services, content marketing, social media and personal branding services.

Being a frequent on air contributor on FOX News, CNBC, Good Morning America, and The Today Show, and being featured on Bravo as “one of the pre-eminent social media experts in the field,” Kris joined the CEN podcast and shared her valuable experience and knowledge on Blockchain, the creator economy, PR and SEO.

– What is it like to be a CEO of a top NYC PR agency?

– What PR, SEO and Content Marketing strategies lead her clients to success?

– How important is blockchain technology for content creators and how can it offer IP protection to creators?

– Are NFTs a bubble?

– What steps should a creator follow to build a business online with IP protection as a top priority?

Most importantly, she shares her thoughts about the new Creators Economy and Web 3.

It’s a very inspiring and motivating chat, so give it a listen or watch it on YouTube.

Also available on Spotify, Apple podcasts and Google.


Also, if you want to listen to more real stories, and get useful tips on how to stay creative and build a successful business, join the Creator Economy Network here

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