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Ownership economy: The world will break into pieces

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Following the crypto revolution for some years now, this is more than obvious to me. Tokenization is coming and will eat everything in its passing. More than $300 trillion of real-world asset value will become accessible online just adding to the limitless online possibilities.

Tokenization, along with other technologies like Blockchain, Smart contracts, NFTs and Crypto will transform creators to own nation states. Their state, their rules.

So far, the power of traditional platforms has been the aggregation of the eyeballs (in other words, the audience) and the algorithmic sharing of them. Creators got onboard in order to gain exposure to large audiences and create a fan base. And so they did.

This came at a cost though. Artists got locked in those platforms not being able to move their followers and fans elsewhere. Their full empire has been built in rented land, and they can get kicked out at any moment. 

The decentralisation of the fan base

That’s where the decentralisation of the fan base will come into play. It will soon be possible for the creator himself to be the aggregator of his fans.

Let me explain.

Today every creator has multiple usernames / handles in multiple platforms. TikTok, Instagram, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook etc. This is a broken way to have an online presence. Firstly, because it is not owned by you, since every platform can kill your account at any time, and secondly it’s extremely cluttered as an experience for the end user.

A single ID on the chain

What creators need is a single unique identity on the chain that their fan base can follow and that will aggregate everything they do no matter where they do it. Not only will it be platform agnostic – it means that creators will be their own platforms.

That’s why I strongly believe that the next entrepreneurial force will come out of the creators. Using that power the creators will become entities like corporations. They will control and own everything they do and share.

Crypto, NFTs, Blockchain and Smart contracts will kill the middlemen forever, enabling creators talking, selling and providing to their fans directly. But that’s not going to happen right away. It’s a step by step process.

The value will be held by the creators and the infrastructure and services that support them. That’s where we come in.

Giving everyone ownership over the value they create.

The current status quo will adjust. We already see the big platforms trying to create a layer that will accommodate the creators in every way. The Facebooks of the world are releasing tools and services tailor made for creators so they keep them on board for as long as possible. But the real issue here is centralisation. This won’t work unless it’s decentralised.

Web platforms 3.0

Imagine platforms built, operated and owned by the users. This is a true revolution. The tools are here, what we need are the rules and the initial risk takers. The first movers that will create the protocols and set the foundation for everything else.

We can be them.

CopyrightsWorld as a leader

We have set our bet. We are on the side of the creators and I strongly believe this is the right bet for us. Our services have one and only purpose. To best serve the people that create the initial value. The creators. My vision is to evolve into a decentralised platform that will set the foundation and the rules for the next day.

Our team is creative at its core. But we need to engage that ecosystem more, be part of it and live in it. Everyone by himself and all as a team. Otherwise we will soon become irrelevant or late. Because if we want to serve the Creator’s Economy we need to be part of it. We need creators. We need people that live and breathe that reality as part of our team. 

Companies will change, and so do we. Creators need skin in the game, and, I strongly believe, deserve to be part of the process and the decision making. Companies will need to share tokens, equity, and ownership to their communities. Truly creators-first companies must reflect that on their cap tables.

Keep in mind though that business logic and best practices will still apply. Creators will do their part by providing the initial value. We should do the rest. I do not believe they will be the first to create the pipelines and the ecosystem that will support the change. Not yet at least.

With tokens being basically packets of value anyone can own, the distribution of that value can be real, transparent and worldwide. As a result people that are true followers of artists will be able to invest in some way and accumulate part of the value generated, as creators will give a shared stake on their projects.

What do you do? I’m a fan. 

Being a fan can become a full-time job, like being a creator. Exchanging time for money won’t cut it. People need to do things they love, things they are passionate about and be able to live out of them. Fans can be a new type of investor.

And finally, this is now possible.

And we can be there, with you, dear reader, leading the way.

Let’s do this! !

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