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5 Tips To Increase Your Referral Customers

Welcome onboard partner! We are very excited to be partnering up with you! Why? Because we are on a mission to create a world where all creators are empowered and their copyright is protected.

You may be wondering about how to get started and what the best way to share with your audience is. We’ve got your back! We’ve put together a handy guide to help you through the onboarding process, plus 5 tips for you to share, engage and increase your affiliation customers.


Have you accessed your affiliate link yet?

If not, watch this video to help you find it.

How do referral links work?

When your referrals click on your link you will receive your share from their purchases.

We use 30 days click cookies, so even if your referrals don’t sign up the same day, they will still count as yours when they do.

…Now that you have your affiliate link, it’s time to share it with others, woohooo!

Tip 1: Your story matters

The best way to share is (hands down) through your personal experience! Your personal story is powerful, and users connect to your journey as a source of inspiration. Use these questions to reflect and guide you through this process.

  1. Where did copyright ownership help you?

  2. What problem did you solve?

  3. How did it impact your work & creation process?

  4. Why do you think your audience should use a service like copyrights world?

  5. If you could turn back time, what things would you change, knowing what you know now?

Tip 2: Let’s Get Loud

We’ve talked about the ‘why’ and the importance of making it personal to connect and inspire your audience. Wondering about the ‘where’ and ‘how’ to share?

The answer is wherever you connect with your audience. This could be:

  1. Writing a blog post on your blog and website

  2. Posting on social media

  3. Creating a story on instagram

  4. Creating a video for youtube

  5. Sharing via email to your friends and co-workers

  6. Sharing on groups, communities and forums with people who will benefit from copyrighting their work as you did.

  7. Singing a sea shanty on TikTok

Whatever your experience, is what people want to hear about!

Tip 3: Turn Your Should Haves In To Must Haves

Remind your audience of the value of copyright protection & infringement monitoring. What can they gain from it? Aaand what do they stand to lose if they aren’t properly protected? Think of copyright protection as copyright insurance for your content, with worldwide coverage!

It’s the foundation to build their empire!

  1. If you are a writer, copyright ownership could have allowed you to self publish your book.

  2. If you are a photographer, infringement monitoring could have helped you share your work more freely and keep track of who is using your photos without permission.

  3. If you are an influencer or online educator, SocialProtect could have helped you prove proof of ownership in a court of law against a big brand that plagiarized your original content.

  4. If you are a blogger, BlogPassport could have protected your blog posts and helped you create more revenue from it.

Tip 4: Remember your etiquette on social media

It’s not polite to steal. The same way you wouldn’t walk into someone’s home if they accidently left their door open (we hope), is the same way you wouldn’t share/copy/use someone’s original digital property.

If you or your audience sell digital products (like e-books, online courses), you’re probably already using social media to promote them. Remind your audience about SocialProtect – the perfect tool to help you know who is using your content without your permission. Next step, contact them to stop or make a deal to license it and make more money!

Sharing (with protection) is caring!

Tip 5: Bookmark This Page

There is a lot of valuable information and content in this blog. We suggest that you bookmark this page and the below links to help you get the best out of your affiliate partner experience.

Bookmark me:

Here’s to inspiring and empowering creators and creating more revenue for you!

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