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“If you are doing music or making videos, Tiktok is your platform right now”

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

“I’m not a business man… I am a business”

That’s the quote that absolutely describes our guest in this CEN podcast episode, which is now LIVE with incredible Brent Shavnore (@shavnore)! And that’s so true!

Brent is a United States Marine Corps veteran who, after serving 5 years in the Marines and a deployment to Iraq, decided to change his career, pursue a bachelor’s degree in psychology and become an artist engineer/photographer/videographer/musician/video editor/audio video system designer/social media marketing consultant!

We had an amazing chat about his life, which is more than interesting and full of experiences, and about the creator economy new era, and the changes it brings to creators and the way they communicate with their audience.

He talked about

– how he achieved such a great success in Instagram,

– which social media platform he thinks is the best for creators to use,

– what the power of Tiktok for musicians and videographers is

– how he ended up working on documentaries with Forbes Magazine

and so much more!

It’s a very inspiring and motivating chat, so give it a listen or watch it on YouTube

Available now on Spotify, Apple podcasts and Google.


Also, if you want to listen to more real stories, and get useful tips on how to stay creative and build a successful business, join the Creator Economy Network here

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