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Don’t like your job and want to start your own business online? Claudia Woodham is here to help.

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Want to start your own online business?

If yes, then don’t miss this week's podcast with ambitious business and marketing coach Claudia Woodham (@claudiawoodham_)!

Claudia talks about how she built her online business, how communities helped her with that, and how she moved from being a simple assistant, to strategy, consulting and coaching.

She also describes how she uses different social media platforms like Youtube, Instagram and Tiktok on her business and what potentials she sees in them.

She explains how she passes on to others, all the knowledge and experience she has gained so far, in order to help them start their own online business or grow their already existing ones.

We hope you enjoy the episode and you find what Claudia says as inspiring and motivating as we did! Give it a listen here or watch it on YouTube

Also, if you want to listen to more real stories, and get useful tips on how to stay creative and build a successful business, join the Creator Economy Network here


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