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“To see success you never had before, you need to do things you never did before!”

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

This CEN podcast episode is SUPER INTERESTING and is now LIVE with the incredible IG Influencer Coach, Millie (@itsmodernmillie)!

Millie, among others, talked about what she does and how she grew in IG. How many followers she had when she started making brand collaborations, and what she did when her work was stollen and used without her permission.

Also, she gave amazing tips and tricks on how to

-grow in IG

-come up with content ideas

-create content in 2022

-monetize your work

-make educational, inspirational, relatable and entertaining content in order to succeed.

She gave so valuable advice on reels and what to do when you think they don’t work for you, and on the strategy you need to follow.

If you ‘re interested in any of these then you should definitely give it a listen!

Available now on Spotify, Apple podcasts and Google.

Listen the whole episode here or watch it on YouTube.


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